Foundation and Grundomat Piling in Wigan When to Use Foundation Piles

When is foundation piling needed on a project? This is one of the most frequent questions that piling contractors hear from customers with upcoming construction projects. Our expertise in mini piling and air driven Grundomat piling makes us a knowledgeable choice for answering it. Located in Warrington, we often assign our contractors to projects in the Wigan area.

Sometimes, a shallow foundation will do the job well so long as there are favourable ground conditions, and the weight load of the property is only moderate. In weaker soils, however, foundation piling will be the preferable option.

This page clears up much of the confusion around piling and leads our Wigan customers to being better informed.

Why is piling only used on certain projects?

Any force that impacts the structural stability of a building has an impact on its foundations. Foundation piling, mini piling and Grundomat piling help in stopping subsidence or movement, and all techniques support the vertical load of the build by spreading it further across the surrounding ground. The build and weight dictate the piling method used.

Customers in Wigan use our piling contractors because we bring a range of benefits to their homes or sites.

Some buildings have much greater uplift forces, like offshore platforms and towers, so they require piling contractors to provide a suitable form of piling. More traditional builds, like homes, extensions, high-rise flats and even factories, might be at risk from seismic movement and high winds, so they could benefit from our foundation piling services too.

Even places with poor weather conditions (and Wigan can be worse than many other locations) can experience changing ground conditions so, prior to construction, services like mini piling and Grundomat piling become more essential.

When will I need to consider piling?

There are countless situations here in Wigan where foundation piling services come into effect. Usually, there will be a combination of a building with a heavy load matched by poor soil conditions. Areas with high water tables which constantly change the soil stability also come into consideration. If soil erosion is a possible issue, it can rule out the option of shallow foundations even on single-storey extensions.

Our piling contractors work with you and the findings from a soil investigation to advise you best on foundations.

After performing a series of complex calculations, we will advise you on the best system to use. Bored foundation piling is the most common solution, but mini piling can be an option for builds in Wigan with lighter weight loads, and Grundomat piling best suits restricted areas or underground builds.

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