Foundation, Mini and Grundomat Piling in Warrington
Piling vs Raft Foundations

Do you remember when you used to play with toy blocks as a child? Even back then, you probably learned very quickly that, without a good foundation to spread the weight load, the blocks would topple to the ground easily. This is a simple analogy as to why foundation piling, mini piling and Grundomat piling are important to construction projects in Warrington.

Piling Solutions North West is a company of piling contractors for the North West area and, while we stopped playing with toy bricks some time ago, the principles of what we learned as children are still a very strong influence on us today.

Based on the type of project, be it a large-scale building like a hospital, or an extension to your home, the foundations will differ. To put things into context, taller buildings need deeper foundations so, with high-rise flats, for example, the foundations need to run very deep indeed. Smaller builds, like extensions and garages, have much shallower foundations.

Why is this important?

Our expertise in foundation piling, mini piling and Grundomat piling allows us to quote around the work that we do in the Warrington area, or to make recommendations to a prospective client about an alternative type of foundation. Raft foundations are often used for smaller builds.

Foundation Piling

Foundation piling and Grundomat piling (and mini piling to a slightly lesser degree) are piles driven or bored into the ground for the purpose of supporting heavy buildings. These are all techniques used in weak soil conditions where the load of these buildings is transferred to a more supportive (or stronger) soil. Piling contractors also transfer into rock.

A certain amount of soil needs removing for us to use piling on projects in Warrington and the North West. Pile caps link piles in groups to allow for greater weight distribution.

There are many different types of piling:

Our piling contractors have experience in them all.

Raft Foundations

Also known as mat foundations, raft foundations form concrete bases which sit on, or very slightly underneath, the ground. They cover a building’s footprint and spread the load of anything built on top of them. These foundations are shallow and best suited to the construction of single- or two-storey properties in the Warrington area which require a basement.

This explains their use on many domestic builds.

Raft foundations are simple in terms of construction and cost less to build, but they often suffer from erosion around their edges. This makes them unsuitable for heavy reinforcement.

To know which foundation to use, like foundation piling, mini piling or Grundomat piling, or the construction of raft (or mat) foundations, always seek the advice of a professional. Piling Solutions North West is a trade and industry specialist from Warrington with an experienced team of piling contractors who carry CSCS cards and have 20 years of combined experience.

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