Mini Piling

Mini Piling in Wigan, Bolton, Blackburn and all Locations in the Warrington Area

Mini piling is a system widely used on projects that have a low headroom or are restrictive, and which require our piling contractors to provide easier access. It is possible to use mini piles as a replacement for traditional footings on builds where the ground conditions might be considered unsupportive. Piling Solutions North West has used this technique on numerous projects across the region since first starting out.

Based in Warrington, we are foundation piling specialists for Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan and all locations in the North West of England.

The mini piling process requires our contractors to dig into the ground using specialist equipment. From there, we lower mini piles into our boreholes and cover any gaps between them and the surrounding soil with premium-grade concrete. It is a job that requires and exceptional skillset to ensure safety. Only an experienced team of piling contractors has the levels of expertise needed to work accurately, and to use the specialist apparatus and equipment that mini piling requires.

Because safety is always our priority, Piling Solutions North West keeps its piling contractors updated on all current guidelines, regulations and legislation. Prior to starting projects in Warrington, Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan and the surrounding areas, our company performs detailed risk assessments and works closely with its own team to produce method statements.

We make mini piling safe, simple and hassle-free.

The Benefits of Mini Piling

Because mini piling is a specialist technique, there are some understandable benefits related to its use. A mini pile has a smaller diameter than standard piling, which makes it lighter and less expensive but still able to cope with high loads. The most common mini piles used in construction are hollow steel shafts, which we either fasten or drive into the ground.

Benefits of this technique include:

There are, in fact, several different mini piling techniques that our contractors use.

Auger Piling

Time and cost efficient, this is a method used in cohesive soils. We spin augers into the ground, using casings if needed to help advance the bore in unstable soil. We reinforce with steel and fill the bore hole with concrete.

SFA Piling

Sectional flight auger piling is a mini piling technique employed when it isn’t possible to use a CFA rig. SFA piling is ideal for use in unobstructed ground with either limited access, or with lower overhead working heights

Bottom-Driven Piling

Suited to a wide range of terrains, this type of mini piling sees thin steel tubes driven into dry concrete plug-ins. After linking the tubes with fillet welds until they reach desired lengths, we backfill with concrete.

If you have an upcoming project in Warrington, or anywhere in Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan or the North West, we want to hear from you. Our time-served piling contractors carry CSCS cards, and all services delivered by our company come with a reassuring ten-year guarantee. We are a family-owned and family-run business that carries full employer and public liability insurance.

If you would like to see what customers have to say about our mini piling services, please read their testimonials.

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