Foundation Piling

Foundation Piling in Warrington, Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan and Locations in the North West Area

Foundation piling is a structural reinforcement technique where a pile, usually a cylinder made from concrete or steel, is either driven or bored into the ground. The pile provides support for the construction of buildings or, where buildings already exist, it underpins them to stop subsidence in weak soil conditions. This reduces demolition and rebuild volumes.

Piling Solutions North West, from Warrington, is a company of foundation piling contractors with services available across all parts of the North West, including Bolton, Blackburn and Wigan.

Piling is a foundation that improves the structural stability of new builds, existing builds, house extensions, garages, conservatories and commercial floorspaces. It is a method principally used in pre-construction and one in which our contractors genuinely excel. Not to be confused with any alternative services, like ground improvement, foundation piling is a critical measure for long-term building stability.

It is a particularly important process for large-scale developments with difficult soil conditions.

How Does Foundation Piling Work?

Foundation piling is widely used on construction projects in Warrington, Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan and the North West to transfer weight loads from weak soil to strong soil. A weaker surface layer of soil won’t support a building’s weight so, if this type of incident arises, our piling contractors must bypass this layer and transfer the weight load into stronger soil.

It may be the case that on some projects, we transfer the load of the building into rock below the weak soil layer.

Essentially, piles spread the weight of structures, especially larger builds, across the full length of the foundations. This makes foundation pilings suitable for other builds too, such as high-rise developments, bridges and even water tanks.

The process delivers a wide range of benefits:

Weight Capacity

Foundation piling sustains the weight of concrete buildings well. Combining our professional workmanship with a bespoke specification will provide heavy forms of construction with more stability

Weak Soil

The use of piling removes any concerns about constructing a building on weak soil because the piles transfer weight across the whole of the foundations, whether we pile into stronger soil or into rock


Because our piling contractors drive or bore piles into the ground, they are not visible at all once a construction project reaches its end. This makes the overall appearance of work more aesthetically pleasing

With any type of construction project in Warrington, Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan or the surrounding areas, main contractors need to guarantee longevity of the build. There are multiple forms of foundation piling, and our company has experience in them all.

If you would like to see our team at work on projects across the North West area, please visit our website gallery.

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