Piling in Blackburn | Why Underpinning Foundation Piling May Be Needed to Support Properties

The experienced piling contractors at Piling Solutions North West complete underpinning as part of our quality foundation piling service. We complete underpinning to resolve the faults with foundations under buildings in Blackburn and throughout the North West. Our team uses top of the line machinery and methods to support and strengthen old, weak foundations to prevent constructions from collapsing. We also offer mini piling and Grundomat piling to fulfil all types of clients unique piling requirements. 

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Why is Underpinning Required?

There are many reasons why underpinning may be required, one of the most crucial reasons is when the soil underneath the foundations begins to move away from the build. This creates an empty space between the structure and the ground underneath it, causing subsidence. The soil under a building moving can be a result of the weight of the building. These faults in the foundation will need to be resolved to reinforce the structural integrity and safety of a building.

Here, our experts have listed a few of the warning signs your property may need underpinning.

Our piling contractors can advise on the foundation piling work to be undertaken to resolve the issues with your build in Blackburn or the North West. We can also aid with mini piling and Grundomat piling for a range of domestic and commercial projects.

Underpinning Process

For this piling service, our team uses excavators to remove the weak soil underneath the unstable building. We replace the soil with a stronger material, such as concrete, to ensure the foundation is strong and can support the structure. Our experts also check the moisture levels of the soil because if out of balance, the moisture can cause further issues. We can use different underpinning methods depending on the individual situation and requirements of each job. Our team cares about customer satisfaction and will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure a smooth project.

With over 20 years of combined experience, our team are accomplished at completing underpinning carefully and thoroughly. By choosing our professionals, you can be assured that your structure will be safe, strong and stable for many years.

The piling contractors at Piling Solutions North West are available to discuss your unique foundation piling requirements with you. We are available to advise on all aspects of the quality underpinning, Grundomat piling and mini piling services we offer in Blackburn and the North West.

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